Subway Surfers for PC Download (Windows 7/8/XP)

Subway Surfers is a chart-topper in Android based adventure gaming apps. This chart-busting app, which was primitively only available for handheld devices is now available on Computer. Follow the straight forward instructions, which I’ve mentioned below to install Subway Surfers for PC.

Subway Surfers for PC

Basically before installing Subway Surfers for PC, we need install an external application called Bluestacks app player (Android Emulator). You can get it from Just hit the download button specified for your operating system, located on bottom of the site.

Bluestacks, developed by a reputed California based company, basically emulates android applications on your PC acting as a gateway. We can emulate Subway Surfers on your computer using this tool. Follow the instructions below, to execute Subway Surfers on PC.

Install Subway Surfers for PC using Bluestacks

  • After download and installation of Bluestacks, Run it through the executable file.
  • If you are running it for the first time, you will be prompted for additional information such as e-mail id, Phone number, e.t.c.
  • Click on the ‘My Apps’ tab and use the App search function as illustrated below.

Bluestacks app search

  • Type ‘Subway Surfers PC’ in the input search form. Choose the relevant result.

Subway Surfers on Computer

  • After clicking on the icon, You will be redirected to the official Google Play store webpage.
  • Click on the Install button. Installation wizard progresses and you will notified soon after the completion.
  • That’s it, You can start experiencing the gameplay of Subway Surfers for PC.

Alternative Method:

The first method I’ve specified, works perfect for almost all users. If you manage not to get it working, you can try this alternative method to install Subway Surfers for PC.

  • We shall use Bluestacks app player application in this method as well.
  • If you haven’t downloaded it yet, Go check out the link i’ve illustrated above and install it.
  • The next step is downloading Subway Surfers (.APK) file.
  • It is available from numerous reliable sources. Just Google it out and download it.
  • After downloading the Subway Surfers PC APK file, Right click on it and open it with Bluestacks.exe file.
  • That’s it, an extremely simple way for installing Subway Surfers for PC with ease.

Note: You may find direct executable version of Subway Surfers for PC on other sites. Beware of them, as those files are susceptible to viruses and are not authorized.

 Subway Surfers for PC Gameplay Instructions

Subway Surfers is a globally renowned game. I’m sure you are already aware of it’s gameplay objectives and instructions. Gameplay of Subway Surfers on PC is straight forward with a little changes.

In Subway Surfers for Computer version, On screen gestures are replaced by keyboard direction keys. Check the instructions depicted below for complete information on Subway Surfers for PC installation.

  • Instead of swiping up and down on your screen, You need to use the Up and Down arrows keys on your keyboard.
  • You need to use the Side arrow direction keys to slide your character sideways in Subway Surfers for PC.
  • Dodge the lethal obstacles and evade from the hounding dogs using the direction keys.
  • If you are familiar with it’s gameplay on your Smartphone or tablet, Subway Surfers for PC would be a child’s play for you.
  • The objective of Subway Surfers PC is to score the highest coins and top the leaderboards.
  • You can also pickup special addons such as Jetpack during your run along side with coins.
  • Subway Surfers on PC delivers a whole new gaming experience.

If you face any trouble or difficulty in any aspect of the tutorial while installation of Subway Surfers on PC, Feel free to contact me through the link provided in the top navigation menu.